ToastMaster Speech Series Part1 :The IceBreaker

"Speech is power: Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. " Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I always wanted to be a good speaker. Specifically wanted to be a good Lecturer/Professor. Some one like Robert Langdon or Indiana Jones. But I was too lazy to practice. I searched for an opportunity to grow my skills . Yup I found one. Toastmasters International.

I joined Toast Master club 3 or 4 months ago. I found it is very interesting and motivating. I am sure you will like this club if you are interested to become a good speaker.

A typical toastmaster club meeting consists of 3 Sessions:

  1. The Prepared Speech Session where members give prepared speeches based on guidelines laid down in the Toastmaster Manuals.
  2. The Table Topic Session which is an Impromptu Speaking Session.
  3. The Evaluation Session where everyone gains valuable feedback about their performance. 

I love third part. This include  evaluation on your timing, specific project objective, counter of aah, long and short pauses, 'i know' , 'u know' , basically, ... etc

There are 10 projects to become an expert toast master. Each project focuses on different aspects about the speech. I did my first one, The Icebreaker.

The objective of this project is:

Introduce yourself.

Begin to conquer the fear of speaking in front of a group.

Provide a “base line” of your current strengths and weaknesses.

Time: 4 to 6 minutes.

I will be updating about the future speeches. I hope your suggestions will help me to bring my best. The following is my Project 1 Speech.

" Good Evening! Fellow toast masters and honored guests. Today on on my first meeting as a toastmaster , I have the pleasure of welcoming among us a blogger, mathematician, movie buff, man with vision as well as a joker .Would any of you like to guess who he is ? No need to look around. That person is occupying the stage right now. ( I copied this part from somebody's speech :) ).

My Name is Vinu CT. CT stands for Cheruvil Thomas Some of my friends used to add their imagination while calling me. One guy used to call me “ Vinu Village ”, Velocity, Vinu Sweetie (obviously from a female), And other names are… Newton . Cow Boy- I am a Big fan of Clint Eastwood and I always spread western movies interest in my friends circle. Calvin- a few team mates call this name. Even though I think myself as Hobbes. The name I use in my blogs is my nickname Richie.

 I like to add some of the difficulties I faced because of my name. Since my name starts with V, In school, I got the last or second last number. Alphabetic order is always the default in school. So I have decided my daughter's name should start in between A to J ( first 10 letters). Recently I become a father.

I was not able to sleep in my post graduation classes. This was another problem I had faced. Reason: I was not able to distinguish Vinu & “We Know”. Whenever the teacher said “We know that E=MC square .. " I had to wake up from sleep and think "Was teacher pointing at me" ?

I have been with Current company for the last 3.5 years and interested in business models. Prior to that I was with TCS for 1.5 years. “Nuts”. I  missed this name when I told you about various names earlier. Few of my friends called this name Because I joined TCS after M.Tech from ISI Kolkata.

M.Tech was my second Post Graduation and I was a South Indian young man, not comfortable with Hindi and not fluent in English. That made a tough life in the first six months in ISI. But Later I overcome my draw backs and my friend Amit says I added one new angle in Hindi( He proposed that my hindi should be considered separately)..

Before M.Tech I studied 7 year in a single college. This includes my Msc, BSc and PDC. Mathematics was my favorite subject. Obviously my Bsc and MSc are related to mathematics.

School days, I got decent marks in Math’s & Science and pass marks in  other subjects.

I was promoted to 1st standard after finishing my LKG (without studying UKG). My father says because of this promotion I saved 1 year. Bad part is all my girls- classmates used to be elder than me. This could be the main reason I didn’t fall in love while studying. :)

Prior to LKG the information about my life is ambiguous. My parents say I was naughty but my cousins remark that I was a shy introvert kid.

My father is a farmer. I have one younger brother and 0 sisters. I was brought up in a place called Pala, famous for Latex and a small town in God’s own country, Kerala.

I stop the reverse gear here. And I will bring you to the present with some of the interesting events in my life.

I was a poet and story writer in my school. I wrote my first controversial poem when I was studying. It was about my teacher. My parody poem deals with injustice activities of the teacher. Consequence was a public apology in the school assembly. But this incident gave me lot of fame as a poet and a nickname Richie.

My favorite movie stars are Tom Hanks, Clint east wood, & Hugh Jack man. I have bought almost all original CDs of Tom hanks' movies and it cost me more than Rs 9000.

I can read and write Tamil and Hindi very fast. But I am very bad at understanding these languages. This could be because my craze in cryptography. I myself developed a new language. The reason was nobody should read my diary notes. But later I dropped this idea. Now I have to struggle to read my old diaries.

I was a village boy till MSc and exposure in ISI , Chennai and Bangalore gave me lot of good moments. I hope I will be able to share about this in future Toastmaster meeting.

But my happiest moments in my life are my marriage and when I become a father of my little princess.

That is it from my end. Over to you Toastmasters. "

Hope you liked it. Pleas feel free to add your comments.



Robert Langdon - The Davinci Code(film)

Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones (film)

Toastmaster Bangalore -

ToastMaster International-

Me, Newton and Statistics - Part1

         We all want to become great, be it any field/ walk of life. Especially in our childhood. I was very interested in becoming a singer or painter. I had tried to become a singer. My library of songs were not extensive. Most of the songs I knew were either from popular movies or devotional songs I had learnt during my catechism classes. My grandma used to train me on the art of singing. But because I considered singing as girlish activity I didn’t come get to the Level 0 (Kung fu Panda). Once I tried singing on the stage. I forgot the lines that I prepared after one stanza. For me it was an embarrassing act. I wished I had the strength of Samson and destroy the whole building and kill myself after that.. But that didn’t happen. Finally the chief guest helped me to pick up the lines. That very day I decided to give up my singing career.

            Then next was painting. This I have managed somehow. As I was good at maths/ geometry, I could progress on this track further than how I fared in my singing career. I used the grid and painted “Tin Tin”, “Mickey mouse” … I used to spend lot of time even for smaller figures. I remember the days when I used to sketch Santa clause in 15 paise( approx .003 US Dollar) cards before I sent those to my dearest friends. I tried to foray into modern art too. Later, I realized that painting is not coming to me naturally because without gridlines I couldn’t even sketch an elephant with perfection. So, I gave up painting as I figured that its not present in my bag of talents. My last drawing was Calvin and Hobbes.



What next? Well, there is Dancing! Its been my craze for the past 2-3 years. I love almost all musicals/dance movies. I figured that I am at Level 0 now. But I think that I will be able to attain Level 1 sooner. I believe that one day I will dance the Ländler- Austrian dance (Sound of music). I will provide updates on my progress in future. At least, I perform when I am drunk(rarely).

            It was during graduation when I realized that I am good at Mathematics. I used to think that everyone was good at Maths. I liked spending a lot of time solving mathematical problems. I remember spending long hours over a period of 18 to 24 months trying to solve the Goldbach conjecture. It is one of the oldest unsolved problems in Maths. It is a million dollar problem. I had even thought of how would I spend the million dollar. But these efforts led me to become an expert in number theory. I made a couple of theorems (later on I found those are exercises for further studies). This gave me a good “math fundoo” image amongst the students. I thought those were all new ideas and I sent them to some of the professors at IITs. But I didn't get any reply from them.

            There was another incident that brought me close to understanding calculus. This started from an idea that I got in church. I was attending a seminar in parish church. The speech was a bit boring. So I was looking here and there. After some time I thought of some maths problems. When I saw a tile I got the idea of convergence of regular polygon as a circle (now it looks silly to me). I left the church and spent lot of time on this. My thoughts were not organized. I made a 3 page proof and went to one of my maths professor's house. I didn't realize that it was late at night, around 9.30 pm. I met him and he said he will come after 5 minutes. Then, I realized that my theory is derived from an existing one. But this one I have developed on my own. What could I do if Newton also got first to the same theory some 300 years back? I was a bit sad. Professor came and asked me the details. Luckily he didn't understand my manuscript (only I could understand it :) ). But he knew that I was good at maths. So He appreciated my efforts and encouraged me to do something else. After 30 minutes he changed the topic and asked me to attend classes regularly. He started an “advise box”. "Don't neglect the language subjects." " Serious approach in studies" …etc. Because I was a bad boy that time. (I was disqualified for writing the first year exam because of attendance problems. Later I fixed this issue & at that time I only passed maths related subject ).

       There are a few events behind my interest in statistics. May be this was one of them why I started loving the subject. Before that I hated statistics because everything was probability. No conclusion only assumptions.. etc. (once I asked my professor "why don't we do significance test on P-value too". This happened later in my post graduation. I will explain this story in a sequel to this piece). In the second year degree course, I was studying about different types of probability distribution. There was a rectangular (uniform), triangular, normal distribution….I was thinking about circular distribution. I wondered why nobody had discussed that. I spent lot of time on the topic. I have established characteristic function, moments , properties etc. I found that the kurtosis is 2. I had recommended that this should be the baseline for comparing kurtosis. I showed this to my Stat professor. He knew it was a small problem. But he liked my attitude and he helped me a lot from that time onwards. He suggested that I prepare my work in an organized manner and later he appreciated me at the department in front of all my other professors.

            I am not claiming that I am an expert in maths and statistics. But I know for one that I love Statistics and so mathematics. I would say one thing to new bees.. Whatever be your talent find it first and spend more time on that. We may not be successful today. But tomorrow success will come to you.

 I will update you on the second part soon. Please feel free to write your comments.



1)         Level 0:  Po the panda explained Level 0  ( See the movie: Kung fu Panda).

2)         Samson: Bible character. 

3)         Ländler- Austrian dance.(See the movie :Sound of music).

4)         Maths Proffessor – PJ Micheal

5)         Stats Proffessor- KK Jose

6)         Goldbach conjecture :


Thanks: Thanks a lot to my friends Arun Joseph  and Rajshree for the auditing and correction.

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime

Hi! This is Richie again after a long time, precisely after 1 year, 1 month and 27 days. During the last one year I had very less free time compare to the previous years. Weekends, I was watching so many movies and occasionally, reading novels and stories. So never felt like writing a blog. This blog is mainly about a book I read few weeks ago. The book's name is the same as the title of the blog, written by Mark Haddon that won the 2003 Whitbread Book of the Year.

Last Wednesday morning my bro called me and gave the idea of writing a blog about the book. At first I wondered, because I had given this book to him one month before and he said he had not found it interesting.

The hero of the novel is Christopher, a 15-year-old autistic boy living in Swindon (somewhere in UK). The story is written in the first-person narrative of the boy. So I give all credit to the boy. I am not going to explain the story because it will be boring if you read the novel without suspense. Why I liked this book is because of a mathematical touch in the storyline and remarkable funny stuffs. When I read this novel I actually thought about my boyhood days and I found a minor similarity in my thinking and that of Christopher's.

I will list out some of the interesting stuff i liked in the book

Prime Numbers. He likes prime number( me too) and in this book the chapter are given in this order 2,3,5,7,11 and so on. He considers that prime numbers are like life “ even though they are logical, it's impossible to work out the rules”.

Monty Hall Problem. This is a famous puzzle problem. And he has used this example to shows that intuition can sometimes get things wrong.

The problem is

Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He then says to you, "Do you want to pick door No. 2?" Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?

I heard this problem 1.5 years back. One of the professor in IISc asked me this question. I didn't know it was a famous question till I read this book.

Sherlock homes. He likes sherlock homes stories(me too). This could be the reason for the title of the book( Because sherlock homes mentioned this sentence, "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time." Book: “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” Story: Silver Blaze). This may be the reason he is pursing the mystery of the dead dog. He has mentioned that his favorite story is “The hound of Baskervilles”. And he has explained the clues and red herrings of this sherlock holmes book.

Map. He draws map whenever he goto new places. I also do the similar thing. When I was in Kolkata, I had a big map of the city in the wall. And the same habit I continued in Hyd, Chennai and Bangalore.

White lie. A white lie is not a lie at all. It is where you tell the truth but you do not tell all of the truth. He used this lie to his father many time in the book. Because his father don't like his detective attempt on dead dog.

* * **

There are a couple of new stories I wanted to tell you. Once I finish all clint eastwood's movies, I will start writing those. Till that time. Bye bye

External links

Monty Hall problem
Mathematical Association of America book review
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Coramandal Express

     I love Train Journeys. My first long train journey was a trip from Kottayam to Hyderabad. I went there for writing an Exam (SPMF). I was alone but not scared and even the pantry food felt very tasty !. 'This trip was on my way to Kolkata. Then, two years, I studied in Kolkata. Around  dozen of train journeys from kottayam to kolkatta and viceversa gave me a lot of experience.
    While travelling, I used to look around the cabins and coaches.  I saw people from different cultures, different languages, different profession, Army people, Nuns, Monks, IT peoples( Now they use flights), beggars, Hijadas,...,etc.  I always prefer upper berth so that I can sleep any time. Sometimes, I got irritated when trains delay. This is most frequently happened in my Bangalore- Kottayam trip. So I rarely prefer train to go to Bangalore.

   In my first few journeys, I was just a listener because I was not good in speaking Hindi. Sometimes I search passenger charts and sometimes I search for beautiful girlsl!. And in many occasions, I got beautiful girls came as my co-passengers. But I was very conservative at that time and I didn’t find a good girl. So I acted like Mammotty infront of these girls. In a few situations I have acted like Mohanlal.  
   There are many good experiences I had. Some bad experience also happened. Once I lost a new pair of sandals, Once I was compelled to give money to TT to get a seat( my ticket status was  'waiting list'), Once Pantry boy had absconded with 45 rupees, … etc. In a few occasions, I got some tough people in my compartment. I remember one incident. 

 It was a north-Indian family, a middle aged guy, his wife and two children. Beginning onwards he started ordering like a Captain. He might be an army person or a judge.  He used commanding words (almost like rude) to pantry people and beggars. He talked roughly even to  his wife and children. 

The same style continued to me too. I was throwing a Polyethylene cover outside .. he ordered me. “Don’t throw like that.. It may go to other cabins.”  I felt irritated. I though of teaching him Newton's gravitation law so that he could understand the plastic thing won’t reach other coaches. 

 I didn’t have much luggage. But for him, There was lot of luggages. And I realized that he took only 3 tickets for 4 people (Fourth one was a kid of 8 years old).

Train passed two or three stations.A young guy came to our coach. He had to travel the next 150 km. He didn’t have reservation. There is a small place in the lower berth and he was trying to keep his luggage there.

 “ You can’t keep those luggages here.. If you do so.. I have to call TT” The dirty sound came from the family man.

 It was too much for me.. Then I closed the novel and came down from my upper berth.

 “It is my place and he can keep his luggages here”

TThere was a small oral fight and finally he agreed what I said. And I have asked him to remove some of his luggages which he had kept in my place.

I saw a looser's in his face.  He removed his luggage and the guy sat there.

A small satisfaction.  Later he was trying to be friendly with me. But I was more interested in reading the novel.
*    *    *
 Do you think it is a going to be a big blog? So I am stopping here. The second part will  publish soon and it will be more interesting than this.

Note: SPMF:  Exam conducted for top 20 % of CSIR qualified people.
Mammooty: Malayalam film star, famous for handles serious roles ( based on year 1998)

Mohanlal: Malayam film star, famous for handling romantic roles ( based on year 1998)

Thanks: This blog was a wonderful Grammar/English exercise for me.Thanks a lot to my friend Mithun Roshan

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Coramandal Express (Continued)

It happened on 6th October 2005, during Kolkata -Chennai trip.  After two year of my post graduation, Good Bye to Kolkata. I got a job in Chennai.  This time I got the company of prof. joseph.   He is a mathematics faculty in ISI  and  we know each other from the last two years. We used to go church every Sunday inEsplanade Church.
*    *    * 
“Wake up Vinu. It is 8 o’clock” Professor called me. I woke up and brushed.
I have moved to Professor’s berth. He got Side Lower and it was after 2 cabins from my berth (Mine is as usual Upper berth). We had our morning tea.

 There was a family on the other side. A little girl, around 7 year old. Her brother 4 years old then their parents. They seemed to me like Bengalis.

  Sometimes I hate to travel with kids.( s1). They do unexpected alarms.. They cry.. they spoil my sleep.

  I didn’t  have good impression of them. I felt the guy is a lazy. He was just obeying his wife. And the kids were like imps. They ran over all through cabins. And the boy fell down while he tried to climb the upper berth.. and started crying….I had expected this. The husband should be a stupid, can’t control his kids.  

Professor was reading the newspaper. He completed the one round and started his hobby. solving crosswords. I glanced on the newspaper and as usual I spent time on sports, movie pages and  Calvin and hobbes strip.

  I swam on Kolkata memories.  I missed the pooja celebration in Kolkata.  And the last 50 days was training in my new job. And it was a wonderful experience. There was a sequence of  sweet events.

  “Tell me the name of  5 letter European country…..”.  Professor got stuck in one crossword question.“It may be SPAIN or ITALY” I answered.

“Those are not matching. I got it .. It is MALTA”  Professor was very happy to got his answer.

 I learned one more European country on that day. Then we talked about personal matters, bit mathematics, Harmonic analysis,…, etc.

 Our Train passed Vijayawada. Kids were playing a some kind of throw ball.   The ball came to our side. Professor pass the ball to them. Then the game between Professor and kids.

I interrupted the game and asked her “Thomar Naam Ki?”

She said “ Resham”.. Then I talked  her few things about her name and school.

I have a conversation with her father. They are from Gujarat and working in a manufacturing firm in Kolkata.


Resham and I became friends. She wanted to sit near the window in our side.  Because the other side sunshine was there. She sat on my lap.

“What is your name?” She asked me.

“Richie” I said.She didn’t believed that and she again asked my name.

“I am Popoye… You are Richie rich…” she exclaimed

Then we have discussion about Cartoons..

I got amazed… these kids know all the programs in Cartoon network.. At what time the program is.. the characters.. She was very smart.. and her mother was asking some questions and she answered correctly. Both the kids are very active.

I love kids .. smart kids like these.( s2) I looked at other cabins. I saw a south Indian girl.. must be 8. she was not doing anything. In the last three four hours she was just observing this kids. May be her parents not allow to do anything.  I thought of comparing the situations and thought of myself. My cousins say about my childhood that I was very serious( but now they are not saying this) and not smart. So childhood doesn’t matter in future.Right?

Train was running in its pace. Professor has completed the crossword. I had a chat with  Resham’s father. He was a hard working man and had interest in IT. He had asked few question about web development and Linux stuff. He asked about beautiful places of south India. They were planning for a vacation in south India. They were planning for first Madhura( Not UP one).. then Ooty.  We have suggested Idukki and Munnar. His wife also joined for some time in our discussion. And all my initial conception were gone. I felt very happy when I reached Chennai. I don’t know the reason. What I know is.. I love to see happy people, happy life and  happy ending.

1) s1 and s2 are contradictory.. these are the emotions in different points.
2) ISI: Indian statistical Institute 3) crossword discussion was different in the real story.
4) Thomar Naam Ki? (Bengali) : what is your name?

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The best presents don't come in boxes


"Maga!  I am not getting the funda of this cartoon" I asked my mallu friend.


"What funda... about hobbes "


"Is that tiger alive or is that a toy ?"


“That you will understand after sometime. Read it”


Calvin n Hobbes’ his favorite cartoon.  Whenever we discuss about favorite things he put this in the discussion. He is very enthusiastic to explain each characters


“The dialogues are awesome. See today’s strip

The Hobbes remarks

 ‘The best presents don't come in boxes.’  " he continued with his style.


“You and your cartoon. Tell me when are we going for shopping?”


“Will go now. I have to buy one calvin book”


“Are you going to buy the books! you have everything in your computer “




“It is costly and you are wasting money..  we could have bought one bottle of Smirnoff instead”.


Nothing can change him. We went to Forum.  I dropped him before the parking area and asked him to purchase the book because I can't stay more than 10 minutes in the bookstore. And he made the meeting point as LandMark- near Calvin and hobbes corner.


It is always rush in Forum on Saturday evening.

and it is fun and it is the right time for Window shopping.


I parked my car and gone to the first floor.

he is not there. I have gone to the books section.


I waited for few minutes and open one calvin books.

Its cost is Rs 600.


“ is it  Magical World"  a sweet voice from backside.

Waw! A Beautiful girl. She must be 23 or 24. Looks like a south Indian girl.


“Sorry” I asked with my American accent.


“I was looking for this book?” 


“Ok I am going to buy this book. i think there will be some other copy of this.

You ask that blue shirt guy.”


It is a sweet voice and the black churidar matches her.  She must be bit disappointed. She has asked the shop boys and they come to near to my place. But they didn’t get any books. It seems there is only single copy of this book.


“Have you got the books ?”



“I don’t want to disappoint any calvin and hobbes fan. You can take this book”
I know that she will be clean bold in this ball.


“I am a big fan of Calvin and hobbs. Nice to meet you”


“Me too.  It is an awesome cartoon”


“yes It is ..“

 I gave the book.


“May I ask you who you are?”


“Ohh My name is Elizabeth. working in Infosys.”


“Good to see you. My name Rohit. Working in Oracle.

You must be from Kerala. right?” It was a guess of probability .25.


“Yes. How do you know that?”


"Sukhamalle" That is the one of the few sentence I know in Malayalam.


"Ohh you are also Keralite where you are from"

"Hey no ... I am not a mallu. I am from Karnataka. But I understand Malayalam if  a beautiful woman speak”


‘Ohh good”

"Just kidding. Tell me do you really want this book?"


“yea.. Tomorrow is my cousin's birthday.. I just wanted to present this book.”


"The best presents don't come in boxes. So don’t give this in a box"

I just remember my friends dialogue.


"ohh that is great!.. you know even the sentences... I must appreciate you. Last time i bought the Sunday Pages. Did you read that”



She took a book.

“It is really interesting. You must read this.”


She give that book to me


She is more  beautiful when she speaks.


We both have moved  to the cash counter.

Then she talked about how she like calvin and hobbes.I don’t know what I heard. I am just looking at her face. But what shall I do with the book?. If I am not buying the book then she may not be happy.  I am compelled to buy the book. Anyway what is best: A mallu girlfriend or Rs600 ?


 We purchased the book and she give a Sneakers chocolate as a gift.

May be this is the first chocolate I am getting from a girl.


“Thanks a lot ”

“It is ok.Thanks for the chocolate”

This time my mallu friend reached and he is talking to somebody in the mobile”


“I have to leave now  Rohit. Will see you later” She looks  bit hurry.


“Sure. You take  care Miss Kerala”

“Bye” she just smiled and gone.


I must have asked her mobile number. But she has far now.

This time My friend Came


“Who is that..”

“That is your sister. Come I have something for you”


I gave the calvin books. He was just surprised to see.

“What happend to you?  It is hard to believe”


I know that Now he must be happy that one more calvin n hobbes fan is increased.


"Now you must agree that I am your best friend. Will go to FabMall.. It is your turn show the friendship".




Maga  (kannada): dude or buddy

funda : idea

calvin and hobbes: cartoon form Bill Watterson

Forum: Shopping Mall in Bangalore

Sukhamalle (malayalam) : how are you?

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Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

"Come on Ric.. It is not the time to sit idle. Don't waste your time for chatting and searching for bubble thoughts. what you have to do is to come up with old spirit". Marx had lot to talk to me. but, I was still orkutting in my system. Marx!! one of my best buddy.. he came to my house in the last month.

Marx is correct. Browsing the net.. playing the video games .. listening some rock or pop songs .... these all are pareto fact( 80-20 principle). He know that I am going to be a big lazy chap. I lost my enthusiasm. Life is going to be a boring line. But somehow I don't hate the role of the lazy professional.

I thought I was always be brilliant and simple. But I remember Peter Parker(don't you know he's? The spider man) experience.

Doctor octopus words
" Being brilliant's not enough,
young man. You have to work hard.

Intelligence is not a privilege,
it's a gift.

And you use it
for the good of mankind "

Nice sentence. I know it is the time to throw my sluggish thought.

I lost my technology touch. I lost my buddy Jack. He is staying in other city n the last few years. ... we used to talk a lot about the ideas and creativity. I can recall what he said in the last friday " We want a genius...
Courageous,Committed and dedicated .. encouraging everybody...
...setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves and respects a hero".
It is an injection of encouragement.

I found the fact that... Now I have problem with short temper. This is one the made me jealous to Parker. I saw the spiderman movie long back. But now only I got the time analyze the characters. Peter parker! The nicest guy I have seen. May be the credit goes to Toby Maguire. Neway "Now I am really trying to become a cool fellow like you .. peter."

Prof. yogit chandra ... he is the one who changed my worry about hurry t. He made me a patient learner. He is the one suggested me to observe peter parker. And we are going to work together. The great project 'KnowMine'.(Very soon you can find this in )

Something nice to see in future.... ya... the Project and ideas of writing some more article and my sci fiction that I promised you in the last blog.

Once he told me I have a secret lover.I know it is one of his joke. Sometimes he behave like psychartist or philosopher. I didn't thought of making any affair. I often feel juggy's point " girls are like elephant " and he explain " They are fun to look at, but i'd hate to own one" . (Sorry girls. I never forget that you have been my good friends ). Now it is the time to work. Will back to love matter later. May be I have to find the secret lover.
I believe somewhere in the world .. she is telling me...
" So here I am, standing in your doorway.
I've always been waiting for you ".

1)Ric : Richie
2)Orkutting : i don;t think i have to explain this
2)pareto fact : derived from pareto chart.(you can't find this in any of the dicitonary). principle is like 80% of the consequences stem from 20% of the causes.
3)Doctor octopus : See the movie SpiderMan2

4)KnowMine : Data Mining project of mine. It is supposed to be bundle of algorithms and few case study. Project started few weeks back and currently implementing of existing algorithms.
5)Juggy : Jughead Jones ( Read archie's comics)
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Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it

Hey! I am back, writing a new blog after a long time. 

         This time I have something to tell you. It is about mining in the data and a new modelling tool, motivated from natural phenomena, like Neural Networks ( Human Neural System) and Genetic Algorithm(Natural evolution). Don’t worry, I am not going for a boring theoretical stuff. Den wat? I am writing a science fiction. It is not inspired from crazy English movies. May be “The Calcutta Chromosome” (Amitav Ghosh , 1995) can be the source of inspiration of this venture.

          First we have a look at a bit of data mining , the critical tool in the future business. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Penzias remarks (1999) “Data mining will become much more important, and companies will throw away nothing about their customers because it will be so valuable. If you're not doing this, you're out of business.” He believed Data Mining would become the killer applications in the corporation. Dr. Penzias is correct, now there are many companies made tremendous competitive advantages in the market using data mining. Now the nature of competition is shifting away from the classic struggle between companies, the new competition is Data Mining v/s Data Mining.

          Increase response rates on direct mail campaigns, decrease fraudulent claims and predict the likely fluctuations in the market are the main business side applications of Data Mining. Other than this DM is used in Biology, preventing crime, security and Artificial intelligence applications.

          Data mining investigation in ‘security and criminal detection’ is going to be a one of the critical implementation. The essence of this part you may find in Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Minority report’(2002). Pre-crime is not science fiction; it is the objective of data mining techniques based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. "It's not going to be a cruise missile or a bomber that will be the determining factor, It’s going to be a scrap of information” defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld said over and over in the days following September 11. After the 9/11 rapid growth is going on this area. Link analysis, intelligent agents, text mining, neural networks and machine network algorithms are the main areas of the development 

             Let us think about few DM tools. Artificial Neural Network is inspired by the structure of the brain. Brain contains about 1 x 1010basic units called neurons. Each neuron in turn is connected to about 1 x 104 other neurons. A neuron is a cell that receives electro chemical signals from its various sources and in turn responds by transmitting electrical impulses to other neurons. The brain learns from experience, this will form a network between neurons. Another tool is Genetic Algorithm. GAs are inspired by Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest. Algorithm starts with a set of solutions for a population are taken and used to form another population. This is motivated by a hope that new population will be better than the old one.

I will tell you about the story in the next blog.
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My First Work in TCS

7-Nov-05, Monday,

  I start my operation in TCS.  It was succesful,  found the   Bug.  We fixed one bug in the Lamda software. It was a small job, but we are happy that we fix the bug in smart way!!!!. 

Most of the time simply chatting with JOVIANGASREE(John (TN) ,vinu(MAL),anandita(Bengal),gayatri(TN) and Sreejith(MAL*)) team. Now we are getting small small work. Some Testing work may get soon.  JOVIANGASREE is a good team, like my ILP K6 batch. We had lot of fun here.Currently we are teaching Hindi to john and Tamil to anandita.

    One more Season is added in Chennai; Hot, Hotter, Hottest then the Rainy Season. Now Raining in Chennai is like Kerala. I haven't found anything strange in rain, but i found the strange thing in traffic! .Only 2.5 hour the bus took to reach Thiruvanmayoor to Vadapalani ( around 12 or 15 km). It was a wonderful experiance in Bus. The terrible traffic jam  i ever seen.




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